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This January, we are pleased to host, Fresh Air: Sunup to Sundown, an exhibit of watercolor, acrylic, and oil works by Caroline Slabinski. View the exhibit on display on the 1st & 2nd Floors.

About the exhibit:

“This exhibit celebrates moments of freshness – in the quality of light, in the movement and sounds and fragrances of Nature – and in Creation as I experience it.  The paintings speak of those moments that have captivated and stopped me in my tracks!  A sharing of my Joy!  They have been done mostly or entirely en Plein Air, in and around the region of New England and the Adirondacks.”—Caroline Slabinski

About the artist:

"When young, my Art journey began with the starry-eyed amazement of a visit to the Cleveland Museum of Art! I was WOWED - purely smitten with the beautiful artworks in its mesmerizing halls and giant rooms. I tried to hide when it came time to leave because I wanted to stay there forever! But I was found out. When I close my eyes, I can still feel the rarified air, and my heart’s feeling of belonging and how I fell in love with all of it! That feeling continued to grow and I longed for Art lessons. But sadly that was not to be. So I began to draw on my own. Anything and everything.

As a young mom in Ohio, I was finally able to study painting for a bit with Truus van Galen. That proceeded along into some courses at the University of Akron. Then, that path was interrupted when a better job for my husband beckoned in CT. After the move, I switched to attending art classes at UCONN. One day, we were exploring our new state and landed in Stonington, CT…

It was a spectacularly beautiful day – winter crisp and sunny! When I looked up at the sky, it was so dazzling that I impetuously blurted out, “Oh…..God, I want to paint Your Face!!” From that moment on, I began to notice the great beauty of the Divine everywhere!! And that epithany has built upon itself. My beloveds have helped me along the way, in this process of growing and seeing, and I am so thankful for that, too. I have emerged as a landscape and seascape painter, also painting people, and critters – both wild ones and beloved family pets. And beyond that, my senses are always open to a special moment, particularly wonderful light, Architecture that moves the spirit, a scene that sparkles or is full of serenity or meaningfulness. “A work of art is like a visual form of prayer”, to quote the great Ian Roberts. Though my journey as an artist began long ago, it feels as if it is just beginning! Again and again and again… “

As far as my accomplishments, I have done creative work in all sorts of niche areas of creative expression: Line and wash drawings of homes for a realtor, trompe l’oeil paintings on furniture for an interior decorator, business signs, business and organization logos, paintings for galleries, church brochures, business flyers, etc……a little or a lot of them. These were impromptu, spontaneously sparked…. a “pick up and put down and pick up, again” type of career path. Like an Everyman’s Soup – everything of the day went into it! But it suited the needs of my growing family and our elderly loved ones. I think the variety has given me a grounding that is fairly broad. Recently, my career has taken on a more traditional shape. Nonetheless, the excitement is there…my spirit of adventure being even more piqued!

For influences, I am so grateful for the bountiful gifts of mentors Matt Tommey (via Elaine Miller of Ceres Gallery, Portsmouth, NH), Eric Rhoads (Where to start?), Kathie & Buddy Odom. Of great influence also have been Ian Roberts and C.W. Mundy. Also, Laura Horn, Barbara Tapp, Thomas Jefferson Kitts, Tim Horn, Zufar Bikbov, Don Demers & Jackie Jones, and many others. There are the timeless greats: John Singer Sargent, Winslow Homer, Edward Hopper, Renoir, Turner, of course. The list expands, the more I study.

My artworks have landed in the US, Japan, and the Netherlands. I’ve been in Art shows in CT, and have started to appear in Lyme Art Association shows. As I am recently getting going again, after an absence of some years to tend to elder family needs, I will be working on my Art business profile in the New Year. And will have a website to check into shortly.

Thank you for your interest. Hopefully, I have brought something of beauty to your day"—Caroline Slabinski

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